Burning Fat with Supplements

February 10th, 2014

Fat Burning Supplements

Tired of trying hard to lose weight in problem areas like flabby arms, big butt, bulging belly, and big thighs?  Some supplements can target these areas along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, helping you to lose fat from the areas which is hardest for you.

  • Extra belly fat is tough to burn because of stress.  Your body holds on to extra weight in your belly because the body is sending a message to it via fight-or-flight hormones.  Eating a food high in soluble fiber, such as beans with every meal will help lower inflammation in the belly.  GLA, gamma-linolenic acid, about 1000 mg before every meal will send calming chemicals to the body’s fat cells and signal them to give up fat stores.
  • Some people are more likely to store fat in their butt due to genetics.  Chitosan is a supplement made from the outer shell of certain shellfish and is a dietary fiber which can inhibit fats from being absorbed in the intestinal wall.  Whey protein is packed with amino acids which stimulate your growth hormones to burn fat and build muscle.
  • Flabby arms can also be a problem area that is hard to target. Anthocyanidins, made from fruit extracts, can help to strengthen collagen and reduce water retention.
  • Studies show that thigh fat can metabolize slower than other parts of the body.  A metabolic boost is needed for to burn fat stores in the thighs, calcium pyruvate (1000 mg with each meal), can help the convert sugar and starches into energy.  Pyruvic acid has also been shown to boost metabolism, combined with calcium it can aid weight loss by minimizing fat storage in places like your thighs.  Also, eating meat which contains high-saturated fat goes straight to your thighs, try eliminating meat from your diet for a week and eating protein based plant sources instead.
  • Total body fat burning supplements, like green coffee bean extract, can help melt fat all over your body.  Take 800 mg twice a day for safe and natural weight loss.  Green coffee beans are raw and unroasted, which can help slow glucose absorption and stop fat from building up in the body.

Five Health Inspired Pinterest Accounts You Should Be Following

February 8th, 2014

Pinterest has become the most entertaining way to discover new ideas from delicious recipes to wedding ideas to do-it-yourself crafts which most often seem impossible but occasionally you will try one which you can exclaim “Nailed it!”

The motivation to get healthy and fit is a major theme seen through Pinterest boards, which are numerous and informative about gearing up to a healthier lifestyle.  In addition to a healthier lifestyle, a natural one with alternative health tips, highlighting remedies you can make yourself to which is the best herbal supplement to choose to natural ways to improve your health and well-being.

Here are the top five Pinterest accounts devoted to natural health tips and more:

1. Natural Health Magazine


This is a no brainer, it is natural health is right in the title.  This magazine offers information and tips on healthy and natural options, the newest trends and news about natural products, and do-it-yourself ideas that won’t leave you wishing you never were sucked into Pinterest in the first place.

2. Yoga Journal


This magazine has focused on the health benefits of yoga for the past 30 years, but they haven’t run out of interesting yoga tips.  Yoga is known for a wealth of health benefits and Yoga Journal helps you understand how.  In addition to yoga pins, this Pinterest account offers up motivational pins which can let you “Keep Calm and Practice Yoga.”

3. Acupuncture Atlanta


A less known but health-packed Pinterest account, Acupuncture Atlanta is both a acupuncture clinic in Atlanta, GA and an online store, AcuAtlanta.net selling a range of products of Chinese herbs, natural supplements, tea and skin care products made from natural ingredients.  This company is devoted to the bigger picture of healthy living and their pins reflect that, as well as their blog and newsletters. There are a range of boards to choose from which each focus on a different health interest, but they also have an amazing inspiration board, earth-friendly boards, and healthy cooking ideas.

4. Dr. Mehmet Oz


Dr. Oz’s Pinterest account is packed with healthy ideas, many of them incorporated with simple and easy diet changes, fitness tips, and more.  There isn’t much to say about this charismatic man who is devoted to helping people overcome some of the challenges they face adapting a healthier lifestyle.

5. Mother Earth Living


This magazine based Pinterest account is about healthier and more natural options from the inside out. The boards include healthy tips for not only the body, but for the environment and the home.  Healthy lifestyle is the focus and their pins link to in-depth information about everything from your garden to the body to the home.

101 Things to Do in the Summer with Your Kids

June 6th, 2013

Summer is a time for slowing down, released from after school activities and homework.  We all hold our childhood summer memories dearly, close to our hearts.  Here are just a few ways to make more summer memories with your kids:

  1. Go to the beach!
  2. Make homemade popsicles
  3. Run barefoot in the grass
  4. Have a movie marathon
  5. Jump rope
  6. Try yoga
  7. Go to the park (one with sprinklers is even better)
  8. Have a picnic dinner or lunch
  9. Kick around a soccer ball
  10. Chalk + sidewalk = inner artist
  11. Play video games together on a rainy day
  12. Play dress-up
  13. Go to a museum
  14. Go swimming
  15. Visit a local botanical garden or community garden
  16. Dance around the living room with abandon
  17. Visit the library
  18. Look up free concerts, movies, etc. in your area
  19. Go camping
  20. Eat watermelon
  21. Go strawberry or blueberry picking
  22. Taco Tuesday
  23. Have a spa day at home
  24. Host a sleepover
  25. Bubbles
  26. Play kick the can
  27. Make your own summer salad buffet
  28. Roast marshmallows
  29. Ride your bike
  30. Go on a hike
  31. Visit a flea market
  32. Make pet rocks
  33. Have a lemonade stand
  34. Go to an amusement park
  35. Plant flowers
  36. Watch fireworks
  37. Make homemade waffles
  38. Go fishing
  39. Write a letter to someone and actually mail it
  40. Catch fireflies
  41. Visit the zoo
  42. Ice cream sundaes
  43. Have a family basketball tournament
  44. Create theme weeks, like animals, space, or whatever your kid loves most.
  45. Make a blanket and pillow fort
  46. Go horseback riding
  47. Visit a farmers market
  48. Sno cones
  49. Play cat’s cradle: http://www.wikihow.com/Play-The-Cat’s-Cradle-Game
  50. Go to a street fair
  51. Eat a pickle on a stick
  52. Go to a baseball game
  53. Fly a kite
  54. Go roller skating or skateboarding
  55. Family game night!
  56. Make a summer tote bag
  57. Write a song
  58. Wiggle your toes
  59. Make a fruit salad
  60. Learn how to hula hoop
  61. Play mingolf
  62. Have a scavenger hunt
  63. Dance contest
  64. S’mores
  65. Go bowling
  66. Play tennis
  67. Make a watercolor painting
  68. Have a science day
  69. Breakfast for dinner
  70. Learn origami: http://www.origami-fun.com/origami-for-kids.html
  71. Frisbee
  72. Obstacle course
  73. Make a sandcastle
  74. Give the dog a bath
  75. Make shirts
  76. Visit a farm
  77. Hopscotch
  78. Make homemade pizza
  79. Visit a planetarium
  80. Make a bird feeder
  81. Go on a boat ride
  82. Make a nature collage
  83. Bake cupcakes
  84. Visit a thrift store
  85. Go to a carnival
  86. Make suncatchers
  87. Go for a walk at twilight
  88. See a play
  89. Slip’n’slide
  90. Play stick ball
  91. Science experiment
  92. Playdoh
  93. BBQ
  94. Make a summer photo album
  95. Finger puppets
  96. Star gaze
  97. Volunteer
  98. Have a sidewalk or garage sale
  99. Enjoy the sunshine
  100. Learn something new
  101. Make a list of activities you want to do this summer and hang them on the wall so the kids can check them off.

Life of a Juggler

April 10th, 2013

My life is the life a juggler. Work, school, motherhood, and some kind of social life (how I do not know). I have a handful of clients, two of which I am fully committed to for over 20 hours each a week. In addition, I am taking four classes this semester, my last, including a Spanish and Chemistry class. Two kids, a boyfriend, dog, and a home to care for are also priorities. I wake up each day unsure of how I will juggle all of this and not fall flat on my face. I am dedicated and persistent, that is all I can sum it up to. I want nothing more than to squeeze time in to write everyday, but it gets shoved aside for more important tasks. It is frustrating, but I know that one day I will accomplish this as well, the writing ball will be thrown up into the air with the rest and I will be able to keep it up in the air.

Today I have work to do for a few clients, a Spanish quiz, an English paper, a trip to the doctor for a checkup, and a million other errands and chores to complete.  I have reading assignments to do while on the train, the only time I can manage to get those done as I pour over my textbooks with a highlighter as the subway car rocks me to and fro.  My daughter has state tests coming up for middle school, which she is nervous about and is practicing endlessly for.  My boyfriend is also in college full-time in addition to his 40 hours per week at work,  he is as busy as me most days and we try to carve out a few sleepy moments to catch up before we fall asleep each night.  Life is hard, but it is also interesting everyday.  I try not to become overwhelmed with the sheer busyness of it all and most days I succeed.

Best thing to happen so far today?  A cup of coffee from my favorite cafe Norma’s.  Hope my Spanish quiz goes as well!

Parks and Recreation Recap-Season 5 Episode 6

November 9th, 2012

“Ben’s Parents”

Ben’s parents hate each other, can Leslie and Ben survive their engagement party with his parents in the same room?


TV Recap: Parks and Recreation: Season 5, Episode 5

October 26th, 2012

My latest recap for Parks and Recreation: Season 5, Episode 5.  Enjoy, but beware there are spoilers!


Mom’s Apple Pie

October 26th, 2012

When I was little my Mom would make her delicious apple pie around this time of the year.

The crust was flaky, buttery, and moist on the bottom.  The apples were coated in sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice, the aroma made my siblings and I beg for the them before they ever got into the pie. Mom would always swat us away, like the apple grubbing flies we were.  She would then make the crust by hand and roll it out unto the table in a perfect circle.

I always loved the way the delicate dough would be gently wound around her rolling pin and then placed above the pan.  After she filled the pie pan with a mound of luscious apples, she would cover it with another perfect circle of dough.  We would circle around her as she worked her magic with an ordinary fork, first sealing the pie with fork grooves all the way around in a quick movement as she spun the pie pan with her other hand.  This is when she would let one of us poke holes in the top, of course my over-protective mother not wanting her masterpiece to be ruined guided our hands in the process.  We didn’t care, we were a competitive bunch and the lucky fork holder was just excited to be chosen this time around.

The worst part was the waiting, it was boring.  The house filled with wonderful warm smells and my mother would suggest a card game to keep us busy while her pies steamed and baked.  When they were ready to come out we jumped up and down in delicious anticipation.  It was not be, Mom told us we had to wait a bit more, the pies were too hot.  Sulky and sad faces went back to the card game, a few minutes ago terribly exciting, but now with pies in our future just a boring distraction.

Finally, oh wondrously, the moment of apple pie was upon us.  My sister and I would set the table in a flash, folding napkins in their triangle position as we were taught. We placed forks we would all get a turn to use on the napkin and filled glasses with cold creamy milk.  We sat around the table, on our best behavior, squabbling, pushing, and running around now set aside.  Mom would carefully cut the pie into the equal pieces she knew we would demand, avoiding the soon to come. “It’s not fair, they got bigger pieces!”  Mom was a pro with four little ones, five if you count my cousin, John who came by often.

We would sink those forks into our warm apple pie, the cinnamon filling our insides with a goodness that can only be felt in autumn. This now became the best thing that could ever be felt, better than the crinkly sound the fall leaves made when we stomped on them, better than the crisp back to school blue jeans we were so excited about a month before, and certainly better than those brussels sprouts my mother insisted we eat for dinner the night before.

Gooey apple pie juice rushed through our mouths like a gush of liquid candy, crust flaked alongside it in a combination of best friendship that would never flat leave the other.  When I look back at our apple pie moments they were happy and carefree.  We were together as a family and my Mom was happy with her pies.  Soon we forgot the moment of relish and spooned the pie into our mouths, talking and laughing about who knows what.

Alternate Side Suspended

October 21st, 2011

Today I jolted out of bed panicked, for the first time ever I forgot about my car and alternate side parking!  I dashed down three flights of stairs with bed-head hair and pajamas, my car keys in my clutched fist.  I ran outside bewildered and ran to my car anxiously trying to unlock the club before I got a ticket, no orange piece of paper yet decorating my windshield.  An old man standing by the car in front of me graciously offered to move his car up so that I may get out easily.

This is when it dawned on me that while I was in my rushed state of panic I hadn’t noticed that the block was full of cars.  No one was frantically running to pull out and grab the open spot across the other side.  No one else was worried that it was a whole half hour past the alternate side time plastered on that little red and white sign.  Of course, being a skeptical New Yorker, I walked down to a man four cars ahead of me and asked him if alternate side was suspended.  He said yes, it was a Jewish holiday, today and yesterday.  I thanked him and walked calmly back to my car to put the club back on my steering wheel.  I was relieved and then I had no choice but to laugh at myself, bed head and all.

I think it is time I print out this, the alternate side suspension calendar! http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/motorist/scrintro.shtml#calendar2011

The Peach Trees

October 10th, 2011

When I was eleven years old, my Aunt had a pool in her backyard in Sheepshead Bay.  It was about four feet tall.  My cousins and I would play Marco Polo for hours, “Marco!” and “Polo!” rang through the summer air.  We ran around the edges of the pool, faster and faster, until we created a whirlpool.  We had handstand contests as we inhaled the stinging chlorine; the undeniable scent of the summer sun permeated the air.  We refused to leave the pool until our fingers and toes had shriveled up so tightly that we felt them in the water.

Sometimes the older boy cousins, rambunctious and full of mischief, would jump from the edge of the pool into the water.  The flimsy pool wall bent in utter misery, under the weight of their feet.  They would laugh as they pushed our heads under the water, letting us go only when we flailed our arms desperately as the water began to enter our mouths and nostrils. We bobbed up, concerned more about choking then those boys, coughing the excess water which burned our throats and reddened our faces with stinging chlorine.

At some point, we would exit the pool, land on our bare feet upon the uncaring concrete ground, water dripping off our bodies in a fierce competition with the warm sun.  Along the yellow-sided house were peach trees.  We would run to pull a soft, round, furry peach off the branch.  The peach was warm and we cupped both it in both hands careful not to squish its fragile body.  Then we bit into the peach’s sweet flesh and smiled as the juice ran down our chins all the way to our neck.

Game of Thrones

September 30th, 2011

Game of Thrones. Officially my favorite series of all time.

My boyfriend, Robert, introduced me to it recently and we watched all of the first season’s shows one after another.  The intrigue, fantasy, scandal, and suspense reeled me in and hooked me.  I was particularly drawn in by the characters, Eddard Stark, Arya Stark, Jon Snow, and Drogo.  My favorite, by far is Daenerys, the submissive turned empowered, Princess of House Targaryen.

Robert had already read the series of books, that I have never heard of before since I am not typically a reader of fantasy or sci-fi novels.  I have already ordered to box set from Amazon.


I am eagerly waiting their arrival.  I cannot wait to jump into the seven realms and I cannot wait until Season 2 arrives on HBO this Spring.