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101 Things to Do with Kids in the Winter

Monday, December 20th, 2010

We all have busy, stressed and chaotic lives.  Perhaps this list can inspire some families, to slow down a little and enjoy the simpler things in life.  Children want you and your attention and time.  More than the newest toy, afterschool activity, video game or TV shows.  Be creative and you will see with a little time and effort, and very little money…you can give your children a slice of you and a time we fondly remember of our own childhoods!

  1. Go ice skating
  2. Hot chocolate and cozy up with some books
  3. Make a snowman
  4. Visit a science museum for kids
  5. Cut out paper snowflakes
  6. Bake a cake-just because
  7. Learn a hand clapping game
  8. Put the music on loud and dance around
  9. Play thumb war

10.  Watch A Christmas Story

11.  Color

12.  Bake apples

13.  Tell them a story about your favorite childhood winter memory

14.  Celebrate Chinese New Year

15.  Make paper airplanes

16.  Snuggle

17. Make s’mores- (graham crackers, 1 piece of Hershey’s chocolate and then nuke the marshmallow for 10-15 seconds, top with another graham cracker) Yum!

18.  Go to the beach or the park after it snows

19.  Go Bowling

20.  Make sock puppets and put on a show

21.  Have a tea party

22.  Play a card game

23.  Have a pretend it’s summer night-make summer foods and pretend it’s warm outside

24.  Bake homemade bread

25.  Teach them how to sew

26.  Play charades

27.  Go sledding

28.  Re-arrange their room

29.  Play charades

30.  Have a pillow fight

31.  See how long you can keep a balloon in the air

32.  Play cat’s cradle

33.  Learn the lyrics to a song and sing together

34.  Learn how to juggle

35.  Make a snow fort

36.  Warm apple cider

37.  Roast corn

38.  Play a board game

39.  Think of your own ideas and make a family idea jar, take turns picking out fun stuff to do

40.  Visit an art museum

41.  Learn about someone famous- like William Shakespeare or Helen Keller, etc.

42.  Play chess

43.  Play checkers

44.  Find an indoor flea market

45.  Go to an arcade

46. Make Monkey Bread-

47.  Volunteer at a local soup kitchen

48.  Have a 70s night fondue and play Twister or Yahtzee

49.  Have a snowball fight

50.  Shovel the snow together

51.  Start a book club for kids

52.  Make homemade pizza

53.  Make a fortune teller folding game

54.  Play hide and seek

55.  Have an indoor picnic

56.  Make a fort with blankets and chairs

57.  Paint

58.  Breakfast for dinner!

59.  Play with bubbles

60.  Make a bird feeder

61.  Jigsaw puzzle

62.  Go to the library

63.  Play dress-up

64.  Start a collection

65.  Visit a toy store

66.  Try to break a world record

67.  Learn about another culture

68.  Read books about winter

69.  Family movie night

70.  Make a huge pot of chili and cornbread

71.  Learn how and why it snows

72.  Have a tickle fight

73.  Talk about all the places you would like to visit

74.  Make up a game and play it while going to school

75.  Take a walk around your neighborhood

76.  Go to a concert or play

77.  Play with clay

78.  Take a yoga class together or rent a yoga video

79.  Make paper dolls

80.  Go to an indoor playground

81.  Ride bikes together

82.  Write a haiku

83.  Make a paper plate mask

84.  Play 20 questions

85.  Tell jokes

86.  Go hiking

87.  Make snow angels

88.  Learn how igloos work

89.  Write a story

90.  Make green eggs and ham after reading the book

91.  Create a treasure box and decorate it

92.  Make caramel apples

93.  See how long you can hop on one foot

94. Spend some time going over those math problems or spelling words they just haven’t mastered

95. Make spaghetti tacos- ala iCarly

96.  Look at baby pictures-start a scrapbook

97.  Exercise together

98.  Challenge them to a staring contest-first one that laughs loses

99.  You tube your favorite childhood show and watch together

100. Give them a big hug

101. Enjoy the winter months