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Burning Fat with Supplements

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Fat Burning Supplements

Tired of trying hard to lose weight in problem areas like flabby arms, big butt, bulging belly, and big thighs?  Some supplements can target these areas along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, helping you to lose fat from the areas which is hardest for you.

  • Extra belly fat is tough to burn because of stress.  Your body holds on to extra weight in your belly because the body is sending a message to it via fight-or-flight hormones.  Eating a food high in soluble fiber, such as beans with every meal will help lower inflammation in the belly.  GLA, gamma-linolenic acid, about 1000 mg before every meal will send calming chemicals to the body’s fat cells and signal them to give up fat stores.
  • Some people are more likely to store fat in their butt due to genetics.  Chitosan is a supplement made from the outer shell of certain shellfish and is a dietary fiber which can inhibit fats from being absorbed in the intestinal wall.  Whey protein is packed with amino acids which stimulate your growth hormones to burn fat and build muscle.
  • Flabby arms can also be a problem area that is hard to target. Anthocyanidins, made from fruit extracts, can help to strengthen collagen and reduce water retention.
  • Studies show that thigh fat can metabolize slower than other parts of the body.  A metabolic boost is needed for to burn fat stores in the thighs, calcium pyruvate (1000 mg with each meal), can help the convert sugar and starches into energy.  Pyruvic acid has also been shown to boost metabolism, combined with calcium it can aid weight loss by minimizing fat storage in places like your thighs.  Also, eating meat which contains high-saturated fat goes straight to your thighs, try eliminating meat from your diet for a week and eating protein based plant sources instead.
  • Total body fat burning supplements, like green coffee bean extract, can help melt fat all over your body.  Take 800 mg twice a day for safe and natural weight loss.  Green coffee beans are raw and unroasted, which can help slow glucose absorption and stop fat from building up in the body.